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Complete Bail Bonds Guide

Interested in learning more about the process of receiving a bail bond?

2% Down Bail Bonds?

What is the 2% down bail bonds in Connecticut? Bail Bonds with 3% down payment or less.

Do You Get Bail Money Back?

Understanding The Common Question. If You Bail Someone Out Of Jail Do You Get Your Money Back

Someone Arrested?

It can be difficult to try and understand what to do when someone is arrested.

Trust Our Local Connecticut's Best Bail Bonds Company, We’ve Been Doing Business In Connecticut For 16 Years.

Getting A Bondsman As Quickly As Possible Is The Solution To Getting Your Loved One Out Of Jail Quick.

If You’re Looking For The Best, Most Affordable And Local Licensed Bail Bonds In Connecticut!

Look No Farther!
Our Local Connecticut Bail Bonds  Agents Are Here To Help!

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Are You Unhappy With The Experience Of Other Connecticut Bail Bonds Agencies Who Aren’t Local And Take Forever To Show Up, Won’t Get Out Of Bed At Night To Post A Connecticut Bail Bonds And Don’t Offer The Best Rates? Then Call Our Local Connecticut Bail Bonds Agents Today! 860.347.BAIL

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and out of harm’s way when you contact our professional bail bonds team.

Give us a call today and let’s get to work keeping you and your family at peace.

We Are Available 24/7, Meaning That You Can Get Released On A Bail Bonds No matter what time of day or night the arrest took place.
We care deeply about what we do, which is why we promise to answer the phone when you call us.
There is only one number one Connecticut Bail Bonds Company, and that’s Liza Davis Bail Bonds.

Our Female owned and operated connecticut bail bonds agency is family run and has been in the connecticut bail bonds industry for 16 years.

Fast Bail Bonds (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078

Fastest Connecticut Bail Bonding Company

Need A Payment Plan? Call (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078

Affordable Bail Bond Payment Plans!

Bail Bonds Payment plans for good credit, bad credit and even no credit.
Our payment plans are also flexible, so you don’t encounter any inconvenience, going forward.
No Connecticut Bondsman is as fast, professional, and confidential.
We have bail bonding agents ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078 for immediate action.
We’ll assign you to a qualified Connecticut County Bondsman as soon as you make that call to us.
We offer some of the lowest prices in the state of Connecticut.

As a 24 hour bail bondsman, we are always open.
We’re even open on weekends and holidays and will be there to help get your loved ones out safely from having to spend any more time
in jail because of their difficulty to obtain their bail.
Our 24 hour location are conveniently located across Connecticut.

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Liza Davis Bail Bond is a discrete bail bond company in Connecticut.
We are a leader in this industry and highly experienced in the Connecticut County Jails and Court Systems.

Are you in need of a quick Connecticut Bail bond service?
As an expert 24 Hour Bail Bonding Company in Middletown Connecticut, we offer prime Bail Bonding services to those who wish to leave jail quickly and discretely.

What To Do When Someones Is Arrested Liza Davis Bail Bonds Our affordable bail bonds rates, and quick bail bonds results, and testimonies from people across Connecticut.

Call an experienced bondsman now!

While you can expect to get a bail bond and released within a day, it’s usually only a matter of hours before our clients are able to resume their freedom after an arrest.
We’ll help you to understand the bail bonding experience in no time so you nay move on quickly.
Our professional bail services will help you get back your freedom and give you the second chance you deserve.

Bail Bonding Payment Plans (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078

Experienced Bail Bondsman

Bail Bondsmen 24/7 (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078

Prompt, Confident Service—Get Out of Jail Now

No one wants to be in jail more than they have to.
Get a bail bondsman in Connecticut that truly understands your frustration.
Work with Liza Davis Bail Bonds to help secure your release as soon as possible.
Our services are among the fastest anywhere in Connecticut. aside from being highly flexible.
Our well-experienced professional bonding agents won’t stop until you’re back at home with your loved ones!

Although our primary service area is Middletown,CT if you are in Middlesex County, Hartford County, New Haven County, New London County,
Tolland County, Fairfield County, Windham County, Litchfield County.
Liza Davis Bail Bond has a convenient location near you and can help you post a bail bonds as well as anywhere in the United States.
To us, you’re not a defendant. You are a client who has just found themselves in a troublesome circumstances.

Liza Davis Bail Bond offers the fastest and most reliable bail bonds service in Connecticut.

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If you need a quick bail bonding service in Connecticut, you can contact us for:

Felony Bail Bonds: for crimes such as an assault, homicide, conspiracy, fraud, robbery, kidnapping, etc.
We’ll help you come up with bail so you can avoid being incarceration before your court trial.
Misdemeanor Bail Bonds: for crimes like a traffic violations, petty theft, shoplifting, traffic violation, disorderly conduct, drug possession, domestic violence, etc.
DUI or DWI Bonds: DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DWI is driving while intoxicated.
.Traffic Bail Bonds: Traffic Violation Tickets.

Bail Bonds Connecticut - (833) 428-2245 or (860) 818-7078

How Bail Bonds Works

People sometimes find themselves in legal troubles at a times when they are not financially stable enough to secure their own bail.
That is where Liza Davis Bail Bond in Connecticut comes in to save the day.

How Bail Bonds Works Liza Davis Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsmen will work on your behalf to secure your release discreetly so you can be back at home with the people who love you in no time.

This professional bail bond agent will work with the court on your behalf to guarantee your presence at the start your court dates.

It’s not everyday you will find a bail bondsman in Connecticut offering the level of convenience and reliability that comes with
our quick Connecticut bail bonding service.

Why Choose Liza Davis Bail Bonds Connecticut?

With Offices in Connecticut Counties, Liza Davis Bail Bonds serves the following areas, including but not limited to Middletown, Hartford,
New Haven, New London, Waterbury, Norwich, Torrington, Danbury, Danielson, Derby, Manchester, New Britain, Milford, Norwalk, Rockville, Stamford, Enfield, Bridgeport, Meriden, Hartford County, New Haven County, Windham County,
Middlesex County, New London County, Tolland County, Litchfield County, Fairfield County.

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How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail.

Connecticut Bail Bonds Questions

Generally, any person accused of a non-capital crime can be entitled to bail. This is a crime that is not punishable by death. Each state will have its own laws regarding this, of which Connecticut’s will be discussed in more detail below. 

The range of offenses a person may be charged for vary widely, and so do the bonds that apply to them. The list below covers the main types of bail bonds, though there may be others. Knowing the bond you need is one of the secrets for a fast bail bonds release in Connecticut.

A bail bond is the set amount that a person must pay to get themselves or someone they know out of jail.

By posting bail, a defendant will be released from jail and then may work on making his or her defense. A court judge will set the bail amount within 48 hours of the arrest. The court judge will also establish a set of conditions that will apply to the defendant’s release.

On all cases, paying bail ensures that the defendant will appear in court on the scheduled dates. The defendant must comply with this written promise and must do so from the time of their release until their court date appearance.

A defendant can post bail themselves in the form of cash. They may also arrange for a bond through a connecticut bail bonds company.

We Are Available 24/7

We’re available to help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that no matter what time of day or night your arrest takes place, we’re here to make sure that you’re bailed out and can get back to the critical tasks that you need to take care of.

Enjoy the Flexibility & Convenience with Our Connecticut Bail Bonds  Service

As a reliable   Connecticut bail bonds company, we offer a number of convenient ways to post a bail bonds. We accommodate calls on short notice in addition to making bonds arrangements by appointments.
If you have limited mobility, at work, out of town, we also provide great alternatives. Our fillable online forms, allow our clients to post a bail bonds at the comfort of their home or office.

Professional Agents

All of our bail bond agents maintain a high level of professionalism. We’re there to support you and are on your side throughout the whole process. We make it so that you can ask questions comfortably and put your faith in a team that truly cares about getting you your bail.

A common questions that we hear, and an excellent question to ask: when posting a bail for yourself or a loved one, do you get your bail bonds money back?

From murder bail bonds to a lesser crime, posting money for a bail bonds can get expensive. It can be a undertaking to come up with the money you need on a short notice.
When the court case ends, will you get that money back? In most cases, the person who provides the money for bail bonds may get some or all of the money back. Here’s how it works.

It will Depends On The Circumstances

A bail will be different for each arrest and each circumstance surrounding the offense. Depending on the charges and of a person’s criminal history, the bail amount and stipulations can be mild, or they can be severe.A felony arrest charge can increase the amount owed for bail. A milder charges can make the bail process simpler and lower the amount needed to get out of jail.
How you supply the bail payment also affects the terms of the bail and if you get your money back.

If you can’t obtain all of this information, No worries, we will help you acquire it. Give us a call!

If you have any further questions regarding the Connecticut bail bonds  process, or need to post a bail bonds in Connecticut , then please do
wait to either give us a call or to fill out our forms here on our website!

Our Connecticut bail bondsmen know that this is a stressful time for you, and we’ll always make sure that your needs are met with as little added stress as possible.
Contact a professional Bail Bondsman here today!

Questions about Connecticut

Connecticut’s quality of life consistently ranks among the top states in the country, thanks to our highly ranked schools, our low crime rates, our healthy population and so much more. pristine lakes and ponds of all sizes, perfect for fishing, hiking and exploring.

Reasons Connecticut Is Beautiful 2022
The Constitution State
The Land of Steady Habits
The Nutmeg State
The Provisions State

Things To Do

Mystic Aquarium Front
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About Connecticut

Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England that has a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. Mystic is famed for its Seaport museum filled with centuries-old ships, and the beluga whale exhibits at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the city of New Haven is known as the home of Yale University and its acclaimed Peabody Museum of Natural History.

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