About Us

We stand to protect the standard that
All Americans are innocent until proven guilty.

As well as your Constitutional right to be released on bail prior to trial.
You will be treated with the highest standards of service, respect and in a non-judgmental manner.
Diversity and tolerance is an essential value in the way that we conduct business.
We are committed to helping our clients thru the bail bonds process, quickly and confidentially.
We make sure you understand the bail process prior to posting.

10 Years Self Employment Experience.
Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents.
Licensed B.E.A. ( Bail Enforcement Agents )
Previously employed Bail Commissioner.
Previously employed Chief Probation Officer.
Bachelor's Degree - Criminal Justice.

Over 20 years of Judicial Experience

We contribute to our local communities through our service , values , compassion and the important contributions we make to the criminal justice system.