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We are professional agents who provide all bail bonds services in the state of connecticut. We are committed to providing prompt, reliable,courteous and confidential bail bonds service at a very reasonable cost. We offer the minimum amount down payment of 35% percent as set by connecticut state law. We can consult with you to provide a payment plan that works.

Easton and the entire state of Connecticut 24/7

We have Bail agents near Easton Police Department and Bridgeport Superior Court

Servicing Bridgeport Superior Court

Geographical Area No. 02 | covering Bridgeport and also serving Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull.

Location: 172 Golden Hill Street, Bridgeport 06604

Telephone: Clerk's Office: (203) 579-6568

Servicing Easton Police Department

Location: 700 Morehouse Rd, Easton, CT 06612

Telephone: (203) 268-4111

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Phone: 860.818 7078
Phone: 860.347 2245 ( BAIL )